Samples Of My Work

Here’s one of my exclusive stories that forced the government to reverse course. Canada’s Defence Minister promises change after CTV News revealed the military told families of fallen soldiers to pay their own way to attend a commemoration service in their honour:

My field reporting takes me across the country around the world, covering political summits to international trade deals.  Here’s my report from Brussels when Canada’s Prime Minister signed “the biggest deal Canada has ever made” with the European Union:

One of my more memorable assignments was being ’embedded’ on board Canadian warship HMCS Toronto, as it patrolled the Black Sea under NATO mission Operation Reassurance. This report raises questions about the status/future of the mission after the Toronto reached its maximum patrolling limit in the region under international rules:

They wear the iconic red scarlet uniforms, and their legendary performances on the front lawn of Parliament Hill draws thousands. But what does it take to be be part of Canada’s most famous military band? I went behind the scenes to find out:

I enjoy anchoring too, even in the early mornings for Canada AM:

I’m a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. So when he was named to host The Tonight Show, I relished the chance to file this story from Washington, and enjoyed including some of my favourite skits he did in this report:

I regularly add content to CTV’s digital platforms.  Here are some popular stories that were shared online:

“Fantino Vows Full Investigation Into Mishandling of Personnel Files Linked to Military Suicide”

OTTAWA – Canada’s embattled Veterans Affairs minister has promised to “undertake a full investigation” into his department’s mishandling of personnel files linked to a horrific military suicide that happened on Christmas Day.


“Despite Slumping Polls, for the NDP it’s Been the Summer of Love” 

SASKATOON – While the latest polling numbers may not have New Democrats in a partying mood, at least 5 NDP MPs have another reason to celebrate: they all got hitched this summer.


“Elizabeth May as a 1980’s Game Show Contestant”

OTTAWA – Long before she became the leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May tried her luck on the game show circuit.  She was 25 years old when she landed an appearance on the short-lived NBC game show.

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