Richard Madan is a parliamentary reporter for CTV National News.  He joined CTV’s Ottawa Bureau in January, 2010.

An accomplished journalist and political specialist, Madan has covered several federal elections, and was CTV’s lead reporter assigned to the NDP for the 2011 Federal election, chronicling the party’s meteoric rise. Madan has also covered provincial elections, U.S. Primaries, and was reporting live from Chicago when Barack Obama was first elected President of the United States.

Madan is at home covering high profile international assignments, and has also reported live from earthquake-devastated Haiti and from political summits around the world.

Born and raised in Georgia, U.S.A, Madan moved to Canada as a child at the peak of Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program, while the post-Nixon/ Watergate scandal continued to evolve in the United States. These controversial and historic events sparked Madan’s interest and subsequent career in politics.

After studying Political Science at Carleton University, Madan worked as a policy aide to various MPs on Parliament Hill. He then made the leap into journalism as a freelance reporter for various newspapers in Ottawa.

Madan got his start in television with Global News in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He later joined the CBC as its Legislative Reporter, working out of the Manitoba Legislature. In 2005, Madan returned to Ontario joining CityNews as the station’s Political Specialist, frequently travelling between Toronto and Ottawa.

* * * * * *

My stories air most nights on CTV National News, but here are some of my online dispatches:

A quick tour aboard the NDP campaign plane during 2011 Federal Election:


Stuck in the far north: A trip with the Prime Minister to Canada’s Arctic was temporarily grounded when a storm hit Churchill, Manitoba:


  1. Hi richard this is Michael Zubiak, silly question do you know anyone who would be interested in information about the trillium program in ontario and what they do or dont do when companys dont follow the rules and decide not to pay their fair share


  2. Hi Richard,
    It’s Sherene from Shoppers, did you hear about Donna,
    Please message me on my email



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